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HELP!!!--->>>Canon Pixma MG5420 Mac OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC Universal Binary Print Driver......<<<---

Greetings Everyone!


I am a bit miffed at the moment.


I purchased a Canon Pixma MG5420 Print-Copy-Scan machine with the intention of using it with my Power Mac G5, PowerPC, Mac OS X 10.5.8.


But alas. Apparently it is not to be. The box in which the printer came cleary displays the Mac Logo and the Universal Logo, the Universal Logo looking like this:


The Mac OS X system requirements also notate the OS X to be a minimum of 10.5.8!


The driver CD only contains drivers for Mac OS X Intel.


So Someone....ANYONE!....please tell me why Canon has stooped to this low level of "False Advertising"???


Let's FLAG this issue and find out WHY!




....and could use working drivers!

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IT"S OFFICIAL!---> Canon has stopped porting any of their drivers to the Universal Binary format for MAC OS X which is a combo installer for PowerPC and Intel machines.


The MG5420 MFP that I have was released in December 2012 and they *said* that I was the first person to "complain" of this issue!....REALLY!?!? there is no one else out there using the PowerPC platform??? I find the G5 (model M9592LL/A) to be quite adequate and useable for what I do!  I guess the engineers couldn't be bothered to "port" it to the PowerPC platform!  Listen Canon, if you don't think the PowerPC is still useable, go visit and watch the "trend" of what sells and what doesn't.....or maybe you should call another authority of Apple products and ask what volume of PowerPC compatible parts they sell?!  


And Canon, I know you offered to buy back this "mistake", but for the $99 I bought it at, (extra set of ink not included) I may just hold on to it and do the "workaround" of scanning to and printing from a Windows XP PC shared folder...No, Canon, I'm not completely stupid!....I set-up MFP's for my job, so I know a little bit about networking!  ...enough to be dangerous, at least!  ;-)   Any way, I just got this G5 a year or so ago and it is new to me...I probably wait a little longer and then get an Intel Mac, and THEN it will work natively with this INTEL CANON!....LOL!


What do you think?!.....Thoughts?.....Ideas?


Oh, and Canon.....get your "engineering" team and your marketing "box makers/printers" in Thailand to get their "info" to correspond and be accurate....that way there will be no false advertising and misrepresentation of Apple's "Intellectual Property" and "breach of contract!.....You darn well know they have an "Image" to uphold!




PS--you better watch your back Canon on this little faux pas!....Epson might use this to their advertising advantage!....they still support Universal Binary!

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People have probably moved on from this issue, but I faced the same thing. And yes, I was fooled by the packaging that said it was a universal binary. I have since, however, found a solution:

They don't have the specific driver in the package for the 3220, but there are ones for the 3100 and 3300 series and they work fine for me. I can print wirelessly to the 3220 from my ppc G5. Old news perhaps but and FYI.

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I too bought this printer thinking it was supported on my PPC. So I installed the recommended gimp print drivers.  Yes it took quite a while on OSX 5.8 but it installed.  Ironically, it worked great for an old HP printer that had been misbehaving, but not on the Canon MG5420.  So I'm using the HP and returned the Canon. 

Your loss, Canon.

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I have the same problem, bought the MG4250 as it said on the box it supported Mac OS 10.5.8. It doesn't work with my PowerBook G4 laptoop running OS 10.5 8. What can I do? Does anyone know of a printer that does?

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