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Can't add 2nd Win7 PC

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I have installed an IP8720 printer and it's connected by wifi.  I am able to print to it without a problem from Win7 PC #1.  I installed the drivers on a 2nd Win7 PC and when I try to print from PC #2, printing starts and a portion of the first page of the document is printed, but the printing never completes.  I can connect to the IP address of the printer and and view the setup and status info from both PC#1 and PC#2.


PC #1 is connected using a wired LAN.  PC #2 connects to the network over wifi.


I am also able to print over the network from an iPhone without a problem.


These are the things that I've tried:


1.  I upgraded the printer firmware to V1.06


2. I have reinitialized the printer and reconnected it to the network.


3.  I have deleted and reinstalled the printer on PC #2 several times.


4.  I have tried updating the driver on PC #2 (it was already up to date).


I can't figure out any other ways to diagnose or fix this problem.  I would appreciate any suggestions about how to proceed.

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Re: Can't add 2nd Win7 PC



The issue may be related to a firewall or anti-spyware utility on the computer.  Temporarily disable this software to see if you will be able to print consistently from the second computer.


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Re: Can't add 2nd Win7 PC

Okay, I think I figured out the problem.  PC #1 is a wired LAN connection.  PC #2 is a laptop that connects via wifi.  It appears that the wireless connection between the router and printer is adequate, but the wireless connection between PC #2 and the router is not up to par.


When I run internet speed check on PC #2 the speed appears to be very acceptable.  Apparently, that's not good enough to communicate with the printer.  When I moved PC #2 close to the router, printing was successful.


I am very surprised that the protocol that Canon is using between the PC and the router isn't robust enough to deal with a less-than-perfect connection.  After all, this connection is adequate for web browsing, streaming video, downloading files and all other general web functions and those funtions are out in the external world.  I would expect that a device on the LAN would be fine.  Normal internet packet protocols are able to send data much faster than a printer can print.  With TCP, if packets are slow arriving, they can be retransmitted.  I can't imagine any reason that a printer should crap out because the connection is not perfect.


Seems as though Canon needs to work on its wireless software.

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