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imageCLASS MF644Cdw says "Connect the Computer"


I have a Canon Color ImageCLASS MF644Cdw printer which was working fine up to a few days ago.  It is a wireless connection to my Dell desktop and was communicating just fine.  Now it won't print documents from the computer to the printer or scan from the printer to the computer (used too). Things I've tried to do:

Uninstall/reinstall printer.  Had to use a wired connection to upload the drivers and get the computer and printer   communicating.  Never got past the "Select Device" on the install wizard because the device window is empty (unable to locate printer).  Tried the IPv4 address given on printer and entered it into the to the install wizard "Search by IP address" and it says it can not be found.

Network discovery is on

Turned off all firewalls (Windows and McAfee)

Turned off Real time Scanning

Made sure computer and printer are on the same network.  Only one available network where I'm at.  Went through the process of connecting printer to the network many times.  Says it's connected.

Network discovery is on

File and printer sharing is on

Offline box is not checked.  However, when I go back and look it seems to be checked. I keep unchecking the box.

Tried some other things too.  Been at this for a day or so with no luck.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Ick812,

If the printer and the computer are on the same network and the computer is unable to locate it, it will usually mean there is a problem with the network connection/environment or something is blocking the connection. If you have already verified that the printer has a valid IP address and can access the web UI of the printer from the computer, I would suggest contacting our support team over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to check the network environment to see what is going on and check if anything is blocking the setup from finding the printer.

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