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imageCLASS MF642Cdw not printing magenta


I have just replaced genuin Canon 054 toner cartridges. Only mergenta color not printing or not working. All colors showing 100% in toner information. All other three colors Cyan, Yellow and Black are printing fine. what is the possible remedy for this issue.

Also , Printout are fading on right side.


Rising Star
Rising Star

Try removing the cartridge and rolling it around (one of the steps listed in the directions is to roll the cartridge before installing it into the printer).

If the old magenta cartridge is still available & has some life left in it, try putting it back into the unit and see if it prints out. If it does, then the replacement cartridge looks to be bad. 🤔

I have tried the old cartridge, it has left with 15%. Still not printing.

The printer is showing the toner % for both old and new cartridge. but not printing. All other cartridges are working fine.

Knowing that more than one magenta cartridge isn't supplying toner, but all other cartridges do, I would suggest reaching out to Canon Customer Support to have them do their diagnostics and, if necessary, discuss having the unit sent in for repair.