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imageCLASS MF642Cdw Grinding and clicking noises after cartridge swap


My printer is just shy of 3 years old and is used for home printing.  When using my printer with the original (trial) print cartridges, it worked great.  When I changed the black cartridge to a genuine Canon 054H, it started making a gear grinding clicking sort of noise when printing.  After using that cartridge up and replacing it with another genuine Canon 054H, the noise continued.  When I replaced the trial color cartridges with Canon 054's, they worked fine but now that they are getting to the 40 and 50% remaining life range, I'm seeing intermittent streaks of color on some of the edges of the pages.  Any ideas to help resolve these issues or is it time to look for a different printer?


Rising Star
Rising Star

For the streaking, I would try to run the onboard maintenance options available. If I understand correctly, standard 054 cartridges operate properly. The trouble is limited to the high-capacity cartridges.

For that, I would reach out to Canon support. I have an MF743Cdw and the H cartridges work well with it.

Thanks for your response!