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imageCLASS MF217w not able to see it to print on Mac mini and iPhone



since few days my laser printer MF217W isn't linked with my Mac and my iPhone but it was working last week

Is there a new update not compatible anymore? (Mac OS Ventura 13,5,1 and. iOS 16,6)

My boyfriend still able to print (LG G7 one) and have no problem. Me I just can't see the printer as available or anything. I already try to turn off each of them (computer iPhone and printer) I dowloaded the driver from canon website few times but it still doesn't work. What can I do since there? Am I the only one to have this situation?

thank you


Product Expert
Product Expert


The printer is compatible with Mac OS 13.6 and you can download the latest version of the MF printer driver and scanner driver from our site using the link link HERE. The lowest supported version of Mac OS 13 is 13.6, so you will need to update the Mac before you install. Once you have updated the driver and OS, you can check if the printer appears in printers and scanners once you click the option to add a printer. If the mac is still unable to find the printer, you can try unplugging your router for 5 seconds and checking if the Mac and printer are on the same network. If the add printer list is still blank, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist.