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i-SENSYS MF655Cdw - Scan to mail - how to set up the port?



I've spent the past three hours trying to set up the scan to mail function. 

I've tried to use gmail, yahoo, icloud and a couple of german mail accounts...none worked so far. 

Issue is, they all require apparently to add a port address to the setup but there is clearly no place in the setup mask to add this sort of information. 

I'm quite sure that I'm missing something very simple but I'm clearly at a dead end here. 

Could anyone please explain to me how I can add a mail account here, which as far as I understood is necessary to use this funtion, to finally make this work? 

If I need to setup a new mail account just to follow your guideline 1:1 I'm willing to do it....I just want it to work and sadly the manual itself offers not much help..

I believe the error I kept getting was error #806 but also 763 if I remember it correctly....

Thanks guys

2024-01-28 16_19_38-Remote UI_ Edit E-Mail_I-Fax Settings_ MF650C Series_ MF650C Series.png


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