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Vertical Lines and Poor Print Quality with Color ImageClass MF644Cdw


Hi I have a Color Imageclass MD644Cdw color laser printer for 3 years and it has been working great  until sometime maybe 2 months ago, all the sudden, the print out start to produce lots of vertical white lines and very poor (light) prints, mainly on the left side of the page. I checked catridge and I have more than 30% for all 4 colors. I tried different shooting methods based on what I can find on Canon website and Youtube, and none works. 

One pointer I got was to go to "Menu" -> "Adjustment/Maintenance" -> "Adjust Image Quality", there are several corrections that I can choose, such as "Correct color gredation". However, my printer does not allow me to run any of them. A message "Could not perform function" after running for maybe 30-40 seconds". Not sure if any of these adjustments are what would solve the issue, but at lease I tried and it did not even perform the function.

Can someone help me with how I can fix this issue?



I have this exact same issue. Any support is much appreciated. 

Rising Star
Rising Star

There is an option that resets all of the optioning. If it can be located, try selecting it. Once completed, reprogram the unit and see if anything changes.

If that doesn't work, remove the toner cartridges and look for a build-up of loose toner. Use a vacuum to suck-up anything found.

If all else fails, reach out to Canon Customer Support for further diagnostics to determine if the problem requires a repair, or a "retirement". 😐