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(SOLVED) Catalina 10.15.5


I just bought an imageCLASS MF264dw, inserted the disk and got this message:


Canon Driver cannot be installed on this computer.

Cannot install on this version of the operating system you are using.

Run the installer on a version that supports it.



Does that mean that I have to downgrade my software just to accommodate this printer?

Is there a way around that?



EDIT: I'm not sure why the booklet makes things seem so complicated. I was able to install it wirelessly. Thanks again M7!


All this means is that the disk was created before Catalina was released last fall. To download and install the most up to date drivers please go to the following link:

Thank you Mike. That helps.


Now I need to buy a USB cable.....

Is it me or does the USB port look a bit more...square? I'm JUST transitioning from USB 3 to USB C and now there's this.lkg.png

Top port is USB


USB Printer Cable.png


Bottom is ethernet




USB C to USB B (new Macs)


USB Printer Cable.png



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Aparently these weren't needed as I was able to get the printer to work on WIFI...?

What's the difference anyway between WIFI and cables?

Operationally, not much. Many people prefer using WiFI because it cuts down on one more wire to get tangled up. WiFI also allows you more freedom to move your printer and whatever devices you're printing from farther apart than the 6' or 8' that typical USB cables would limit you to.

I see.


Booklets should come with an ***ATTN: Please visit Canon __link for most up to date information*** advisory labels. It would save some frustrations and/or headaches.

From what I understood, I needed a LAN or USB cord only in order to set printer up.

I started looking for cords. I eventually found a cord that I thought would be compatible with my dongle (thanks current Apple!). I started looking for the elusive USB port on the printer... and finally found it. The symbol indicated that it was a USB port, yet my USB cable in my hand looked significantly different than what was implied on the stamped plastic device.

I looked over the booklet and somewhere in the middle of the instruction manual (past 4 different languages, not sure why English section couldn't have been lumpted together) I stumpled upon something that said "Wireless"

I decided to take my chances and scanned my old bus ticked from June, 2019.

It actually worked.

Even though I must figure out how to install a hairline border on my printer images, I'm quite surprised that I was able to set up office equipment with my technological kinks. I hope this printer doesn't randomly fail on me because I would hate to go through this process again, with another model, or another brand.

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