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Oce Colorwave 650 receiving "Error 450012" -Not listed in Manual


I have a Colorwave 650 receiving Error 450012.  The only other information on the screen is telling me to press re-boot, or to power off and power back on using the power button.  This error code is not listed in the manual and there is nothing online about this specific code. 


Does anyone have any information about this code?  The printer was working fine yesterday, no changes have been made to the hardware/software, and I have verified that the paper has been loaded properly.



Hi awoitte!


Thanks for posting!

While our Forum Community members are welcome to chime in, for support on CSA or Oce machines, you'll want to contact Canon Solutions America.


Canon Solutions America Support can be reached at the following link: 


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All errors of the 450011, 450012 and 450013 are all Image Device (ID) problems. There will be a number after the error which show you the ID number. ie ID7. As there are 2 of each colour ID in the machine which is a total of eight, you can swap ID’s from one position to another. Usually the problem will follow the ID. ie swapping device 1 and 8 will then shift the error from ID1 to ID 8. The pairs are 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5. They are not field repairable and need to be swapped out for refurbished or new ID device. Make sure you AlwayS remove power before unplugging any device and then power back up once done. Good luck

Hi oztoffa

I have an oce colour wave 600 and mine comes up with the error code 450011 followed by printer /ID 5 which colour would this be? I cannot find any references of what colour refers to what ID number? I don’t want to pull out the wrong ID is there any labeling on them?

Thanks in advance

There is marking in the carriage PBA where the ID’s plug in that show the ID designation. Open the lid and move the carriage to the access point and look straight down.
From left hand side which is 8 to right side which is 1 viewed from front of the machine.
From memory both 4 and 5 are black ID’s
There is no specific labelling on the ID themselves. And you can’t use a magenta ID in a black ID position even though everything fits.

Hi oztoffa thank you for that very helpful yes it was the black head ID 5 I have located a replacement head for it now is there anything specific or steps I need to take before changing the heads I have lifted it off a few times by opening the head carriage and seems the heads can be just lifted off the bottom plate.. do I unplug the cable and plug in the new cable? I mean is it a straight swap ? Also the other heads seems to have some ink dried up on the sides do you recommend cleaning the heads? And if yes what do you recommend? Thanks a bunch

If you are fitting a used 2nd hand head to replace the erroring head, there is no setup required.
Make sure the machine is off and unplugged from the wall and then unplug vacuum line and data cable.
No need to worry about dried up ink on other head as it re-heats the stray toner and is cleaned by the wiper once up to temperature.
Some hands that have been sitting unused for a period will need to purge and clean a few times before all the nozzles fire properly. This occurs from cold start and is done every morning or whenever the machine is cold enough to go thru full start procedure. If you need to force the machine to this, approx 2 hours turned off with the top cover open will cool it enough to go thru full startup once again.
Good luck with it all

thank you for all your input.. very helpful. 


the head is second hand and i will do a straight swap and let you know the outcome.