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MF735Cdw - Air print and email notification when low toner, etc.



A couple questions..


- First, it appears there's no way to totally stop the sleep mode, so just confirming? Recommendation for future firmware updates:  allow the user to decide if they want to turn off sleep mode...


- Second, once the printer it goes into sleep mode, the printer won't show up on my iOS device (air print) as a printer (once I wake the printer back up by touching it, it shows up again as a printer.)  Any way to resolve this?  Also, i noticed that once the printer goes into sleep mode, it appears "off-line" on my OS (mac) computer...but sending a print job (not via air print) DOES wake up the printer without an that part is fine...except if it isn't awake, you can't see the toner levels, etc....This seems counterintuitive.. You have to touch the printer, wake it up, then go back in to look at statistics, etc....You have to touch the printer, wake it up, to use air print on an iOS device...  These need to be resolved in a future firmware update....


Which brings me to my final point, how do we provision having the printer email a user when it is low on toner, etc?  I see there is a setting to send data to a remote service, but this is a separate service called "Imageware."  How do we access this server, etc?


It seems like it would be a very easy process to integrate email notifications on basic situations (e.g., low toner, out of paper, etc.)  Since we can already scan documents to email, the printer is already setup as the SMTP settings to send out-bound emails.


Thanks for your input on these points...





Whatever setting I changed, etc..Now the air print works great..hours after the printer goes to sleep....





Hi printerguy1


There is not a way to totally turn off sleep mode.  You can set various sleep mode time values.  Click HERE for this information.  I will submit your request for future firmware updates regarding turning off the sleep mode. Firmware updates when available are posted to Canon's website at


Regarding the other questions you described, It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives directly to assist with these issues. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:



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How did you fix the AirPrint issue? What settings did you change? I have tried everything but I still lose AirPrint functionality after printer sleeps.



I changed the following settings and it fixed the problem - I now have the Printer set to sleep after 1 minute and Air Print works All Day!!


1.  Change the Wireless LAN ECO mode setting to OFF

     Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  Wireless LAN Settings  >>  Power Save Mode  >>  Off

This ensures the Wireless connection remains ON while the Printer is in Sleep Mode allowing wireless printing (Air Priint and PC/MAC Printing) to connect to the printer and accept print jobs while the Printer is in Sleep Mode


2. Change the Wireless IP address to a Static IP address instead of a Dynamic IP Address (DHCP)

    Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  TCP/IP Settings  >>  IPv4 Settings  >>  IP Address Settings  >>  Auto Acquire  >>  Off


   Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  TCP/IP Settings  >>  IPv4 Settings  >>  IP Address Settings  >> Manually Acquire  >> [ Enter your Home network specific IPv4 settings ] 


This ensures the IP Address assigned to the printer does not expire (DHCP lease timeout) while the printer is in sleep mode. 

Note: If you turn Auto Acquire ON and let the printer obtain a dynamic (DHCP) IP address and then turn Auto Acquire OFF the Manually Acquire will retain the previous Network settings and they can be used as is to create a Static IP Address.


3. Change the Wireless LAN Settings to use a TLS connection for IPP printing

    Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  TCP/IP Settings  >>  IPP Print Settings  >>  Allow IPP Printing Only w/ TLS  >>  On


The Apple Air Print protocol relies on the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and requires a secure encrypted connection (TLS).


I'm not 100% sure if all three (3) of these options are requried to support Air Print.


I had options 1 and 2 enabled for some time and did not have success with Air Print until I applied option 3 (IPP over TLS).

These instructions are for a MF743CDW printer, but I suspect all the ImageClass MF6xx and MF7xx series printers are the same - YMMV


I hope this information helps someone else down the road!!