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MF624CW Printer Stopped Printing Wirelessly


My printer was printing wirelessly without problem. We had a 5-minute blackout today. Everything came back--but my printer no longer prints wirelessly. I can print if it's connected with cable, though. My router is working fine--all my devices are connected. But the blue wireless connection light is off on the printer. I press the WPS light on my router and it blinks blue indicating a pairing is attempted. The wireless light on the printer blinks blue--and then after about a minute it says "cannot find access point." The printer is only about 2 feet from the router.

I thought maybe the blackout had scrambled the drivers, so I installed updated drivers from Canon. But nothing changes. I've rebooted the printer. I've rebooted the laptop. 

I'm guessing the power came on too quickly and "burned out" the wifi connection permanently, but I'm interested in case anyone can offer a workaround. Thanks!



There is no work around.  Does the printer see wireless broadcasts?  Use the control panel to determine this.  WPS is not secure.  While convienent, I do not recommend using it, even at home. 

I'd reset the printer to defaults and attempt to connect it to a 2.4Ghz broadcast that uses WPA/WPA-2.  If the wireless radio does not associate with the router, the power failure (surge or brownout) might have damaged the printer as you suggested.

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Thanks for the quick reply. No, the printer cannot find the network. I'll play around a little but I have a feeling it's toast. Thanks anyway.