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MF212w high-pitched squeal




We've got a Canon MF212w that we've been using the past 18 months or so in our office, and it's recently started giving a high-pitched squeal while running. I've uploaded a video of the noise:


We've swapped out toner cartriges and the sound persists, are there any user-servicable parts that we could swap out to get rid of the noise?


Thank you,




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Criechman,


I couldn't hear a high-pitched sqeal in the video you posted. However, your MF212w can make certain noises that are normal during operation that should not cause concern. Since you have already swapped out toner cartridges, please try the following to see if it helps to resolve the issue, and to determine if the issue is cartridge or unit related:


1. Remove the toner cartridge from your unit.  Inspect the cartridge to confirm no part of the encasing appears to be broken, chipped or damaged. Check that the bottom flap of the cartridge can be pulled back and when letting go it snaps back into place.


2. Set the cartridge aside and check the inside of the unit for any debris or jammed paper pieces.  Also check for anything that seems to appear out of place, misseated or broken.


3. If no visible problem inside the copier, tilt the cartridge to redistribute the toner and reseat the cartridge in the unit.


4. Try running a copy to see if the noise persists. 


If the noise is of an uncomfortable level or sound, please feel free to contact the Desktop Printing and Imaging Solutions Group at 1-866-261-9362 or 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays) for further support and/or your service options.  At the time of your call please be near your unit and have the 8 character serial number handy.


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Could you ask someone else to listen to the video? The noise is definitely there. It's a very loud and very high-pitched sound. Some people have trouble hearing higher frequencies, but I hear them perfectly clear.


It's just the same as a dog whistle. It's out of the range of normal hearing, but the sound is still there.


We've removed the toner cartridge and replaced it with another cartrige from an identical printer in the office, but the squealing does not go away.


Running a scan doesn't result in the squealing, it's the paper feed rollers that are squealing.


This printer is used 5 days a week and sees considerably more action than the other, identical printers in the office. It's my assumption that the bearings of the rollers are worn out after a year of continuous use.


I just posted the same problem.  Never had an adding machine do this before!  Very annoying!