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Help my nice cannon MF642Cdw Wireless Color laser printer is all blotchy!


I have had great luck with my MF642Cdw Wireless Color Laser printer....was working great, then out of the blue every print is full of toner is leaking onto the transfer belt.  None of the internal cleaning routines are working (i run them constantly!)...and it seems that the printer cannot (easily) be disassembled to clean the transfer film etc....what do i do to get this printer to print clean again. (i have used nothing but typical laser type office paper in the device...and up until about a month ago was working fine....but now...blotchy!)...

any insight would be a help!  thanks!



Rising Star
Rising Star

If it hasn't already been done, remove all cartridges and vacuum any loose toner.

Reinstall the cartridges and see if that helps.

If not, unplug the printer for a few minutes, plug it back in and try again.

Next, try replacing the cyan toner cartridge using a genuine Canon cartridge.

If all of that fails, reach out to Canon Customer Support to have the rep determine if the printer needs to be serviced.


I will have to (and have...waiting for delivery) order a vacuum that can actually clean this "real" vacuum (and attachments) is too big to be of any use....i will get back to you (this page) when i have completed my lil'experiment.

Before installing the new cartridge, shake & roll it for, maybe, thirty seconds.

I think the included instructions specify doing something to that affect, but I don't know if people catch that.

If calling Canon Support, post what the agent determines. 🙂

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