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Error message on my MX700 Printer: U052 This type of print head is incorrect.


I got this after installing new ink - it worked just a bit and then when I turned printer off and on, got this msg.  I took out cartridges and head, put them back in, and no change.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello jdegann.


Please try the following to see if we can resolve this error:


1.  Open the cover of the printer.

2.  Remove all ink tanks from the printer.

3.  Lift up the gray locking lever on the side of the ink tank holder.

4.  Gently remove the print head from the carriage unit.

5.  Place the print head back in and lock the lever down.

6.  Place all of the ink tanks back in the printer.

7.  Close the cover and turn the printer off.

8.  Unplug the power from the printer.  Leave the power unplugged for about 5-10 minutes.


Once this has been done, plug the power back in and turn the printer on.  If the error persists, please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance with this matter.


This didn't answer your question or issue? Find more help at Contact Us.



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I followed the procedures you listed below (twice) but still left with the U052 message.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello RMS757!

If the error remains after following the procedure above, please click on the following "Contact Us" link so we can look into your service options - Contact Us.  Thanks so much!

I'm on my third try of this procedure. Fingers crossed.

Try removing the print head and cleaning it.  (Remove the ink cartridges before you clean the print head itself.)  I had this error message with my MX882 printer and cleaning it worked for me.


Video instructions on how to remove and clean the print head:



I am having a problem with my printer (MX700). I have never had this problem before. I followed the steps that you had listed, but I do not see anything different. I get the msg: "Printer head is not installed. Install the print head". 





Hi. I posted my error message about six months ago. The only solution was to replace the printer head at a cost greater than the printer. And if that did not work then that was money wasted. A simple solution ... shopped around and bought a nice HP Deskjet Ink Advantage ... with better print quality and much longer ink life. When that one breaks down I will buy a Brother and then a Samsun until I have come full circle and have to buy a Kyocera, then a Canon. BTW the interface on the HP for scanning and printing is also much more user freindly. I live in Cape Town and Canon is not interested in serving clients outside US and EU it seems so that too is an argument for not buying it again. Sorry Canon.

Based on Canon's "speedy" response to this printhead issue I think it's safe to safe that they aren't too keen on servicing customers INSIDE the US as well...

Sorry Canon??? They should be the ones saying sorry. I've had their MX890 for only 1 year. This morning, while printing about 12 pages, it quit. I got the U052 error message. Nothing they're suggesting is working to get it going again. I work form home and need to print often. I won't be buying another Canon any time soon.

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