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Canon MFC726CDW only prints a few pages out of the entire document


I have a Canon MFC726CDW that is recently new and has been working fine up until today.

When I try to print a multiple page document - let's say, 16 pages, it will only be able to print 2-3 pages before it deems the job complete. When tracking the printing status on my computer, the status will say "printing page 1, 2, 3, etc" EXTREMELY quickly, way faster than the printer can actually print those pages. Any thoughts on potential fixes? 



Hi inwonderland 


In order for us to better assist you, we will need some additional information.  Do you mind answering a few questions so we can get a better picture of your situation?

1.  What operating system are you running?

2.  How is the imageCLASS MF726Cdw being connected to your system?

3.  Can a multiple page copy be made with out this issue occuring?

4.  Did you install using the disk or download the software from Canons website?

5.  What program are you printing from and does the issue occur regardless of the program that you print from?


I look forward to further assisting you and receiving the requested information.


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