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Canon Imageclass MF624CW prints a yellow line down the center of anything that I print in color


My printer prints a yellow line down the center of any document that i print in color.  Black and white documents print fine.  Online searches for a probable cause has turned up nothing.  Hopefully someone here can help me resolve this issue.  I have attached samples of documents I have printed.  IMG_2882.jpgIMG_2883.jpgIMG_2885.jpgIMG_2886.jpg


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Rising Star

Newer imageCLASS units have built in maintenance and adjustment capabilities. The 624 is an older model. On the main screen, is there a "Menu" option?

If so, in the submenu, is there something about maintenance and/or adjustment?

If so, try running some of maintenance options such as cleaning the fixer.

Another option would be to replace the yellow toner cartridge.

Lastly, contact Canon Customer Support for additional suggestions. 🙂

Thank you for you reply.  I  had previously ran all the maintenance options and replaced the Yellow cartridge to no avail.  I am saddened that no one else chimed in with suggestions.  I will call Canon Customer Support on Monday.

When it comes to troubles such as lines printing erroneously, the steps to take to try to resolve the problem are fairly straightforward:

. Run the maintenance options.

. Change the toner cartridge.

. Contact Customer Support.

My suspicion is that the unit will need to be sent away for repair. Given its age, that might not be cost effective. 🤔


Yes, the fact that it only happens when I print in color leads me to believe that there is perhaps something going on with my cartridges.  I'm going to buy another yellow one and see if that solves the issue.  I already since my machine is out of warranty that Canon will charge me for support so I will try this first.  Thank you again for your response to my issue.

Is it possible that printing in color sends the paper through a different paper path or something?  (Just wanted to eliminate whether or not there was debris or something that is causing the yellow line to show up on my color print jobs.)

I'm not entirely sure as that level of functionality is a bit outside the scope of my knowledge.

My suspicion is that the paper will hit all four toner cartridges. If a particular color isn't needed, the paper will just pass on through.

Now my curiosity has been piqued about what the paper handling actually is. 🤔😄

Hello Ccante3070,

From the image that comes up, it looks like the yellow toner might be fine. In this situation, I would suggest removing the toner cartridges and checking for any obstructions. If the inside is clear, I would suggest checking the magenta toner cartridge for any issues or replacing it to see if it resolves the issue.

The image that you posted shows that the yellow toner is being applied evenly but the other toners that would finish whatever color it should be are not applied. The brown on the dog, the doughnut and the gold in the border would be yellow if the magenta was not applied.