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Canon Image Class MF 642 CDW Close the Back Door Cover


  I have an error message that says "Close the Back Door cover. I have been closing the back door cover for two days and there is no obstruction. When I hit the power switch I hear clicking sound. I call Canon and after an hour waiting my line is disconnected. Does anyone know how to clear this error?




The doors, covers, compartments, trays, etc have sensors that will keep the printer from operating if not fully seated, left open or ajar.


They are often simple pressure or contact type circuits that rely on springs or contacts.  Heat can be another issue as it can cause warping or deformation of panels.  So keeping the printer near a heat source or in direct sunlight is not a good idea.


You can often resolve the problem by turing the printer off and unplugging it for a few minutes.  Ensure the door or cover is properly closed and "seated".  Now reconnect to power and turn it back on.


I can't comment about your "clicking" sound.  There are normal sounds at power up and there are others that could indicate another issue.  I cannot guess.


If you perform the above and continue to have issues, I recommend you contact Canon.  If you can't reach them by phone, you can use the support portal.

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