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family tree of the BJC mobile printers


ok not finding much and near nothing in the Mobile printer section on these printesr as most people think they were desk top printers lol. I need to know the release and discontinued dates of these printers and accessories, features and stats offered for each (BJC-30, BJC 50, BJC-55 BJC-70, BJC-80, BJC-85 etc and the PIXIMA IS90 series as the model numbers were NOT in chronological order of release. and not all incorporated features from prev released models plus they discontinued all of them with no replacement for mobile printers since. as I use most of the BJC mobile models and refill ink cartridges due to being discontinued and Canon should still make frequently worn out parts available like the fragile drive gear, paper feed rubber bands, ink pad that wipes head each use. why didnt they add Bluetooth to the BJC-55 and keep Parrellel port like on the BJC-85 which seems to have been pre BJC-55 as it also had an external battery pack ad on instead of internal plus the ASF-50 was better than the BJC-85 built in version as you could print/scan stiff items that couldnt be bent with the BJC-50/55. also if not to be re-released why not have PDF repair manuals for these units on download page? as many of us love these and they are 10x lower cost now than when new, and only mobile printer options currently.

Thanks for any info, Mitch