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Re: tulip lens cuts off corners

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If you go to your local library's website and look up the catalogue for  If it is listed it means you have free access to an amazing array of free, but extremely professionally produced, training video materials on almost any aspect of photography from total beginner to advanced user.  If you don't have access through your libarary (which is free) then go to the website and you can sign up for a free month with no obligation.  I might add they let  you download the videos too, which is faster than watching them if you have a limited time offer.


If you DO have the listing, just open the link to it and follow the on-screen instructions to get access to the site.  From then do a search for photography and once there I suggest going to Foundations of Photography with Ben Long - he is an excellent trainer and the lessons are in bite-size chunks so you don't get training fatigue.


Let me know how it works out.

cheers Trevor

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Re: tulip lens cuts off corners

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Photography is a VERY interesting hobby.  When you first get into it you spend a lot of time learning your equipment and what you "need" to do get what you want to do.  Having a good understanding of your equipment, light and shadow, and composition takes time.  Mastering these are important, however does not make a good photographer.  Looking and seeing and understanding what "you are trying to say" makes your pictures better.  This can and does happen before you have a complete understanding of your equipment.  The mechanics of taking a photo needs to be somewhat automatic so that you can concentrate on the esthetics of the photo.  That is the fun part.


And sometimes it is just luck.  See avatar.

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