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best lens to shoot low light still life scenes with 6D camera

I recently bought the Canon 6D for it's low light ability but am still not able to shoot my studio work witht he 50mm 2.8 lens I bought with it.  I build scenes that I then need to get close ups of in low ambiant colored light and need to find the lens that will make this happen.  I recently upgraded from a canon rebel and didn't realize that non of those lens would work on the new body.... suggestions?

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Re: best lens to shoot low light still life scenes with 6D camera

Well you are in a good position compared to most folks looking for a low light lens, because you are not shooting moving people/things. Get a tripod and you can shoot as long an exposure as you need so pretty much any lens will do the job for you.    No need to get an expensive large aperture lens when you are able to use long exposures. 


What focal length did you use on the crop camera?  Convert that to the nearest full frame equivalent (multiply by 1.6) and look for a lens near that length.  


Do take a look at the minimum focusing distance and make sure you get a lens that can focus as close to the subject as you need it to.  


If you were shooting a 50mm before the FF equivalent is 80mm. That is pretty close to 100mm so I might look at the Canon EF 100mm non-IS macro lens.   No need for IS on a tripod. Macro gets you as close as you need.  If you have more in the budget, the IS version might let you get by handheld without the tripod.  There is also a 3rd party lens maker selling a 70mm macro if the 100 just won't work. 


If if you don't need to be quite as close as macro distance then any zoom with a short enough MFD will do. 





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Re: best lens to shoot low light still life scenes with 6D camera

I tend to agree it's a quality tripod you need more than a specialty lens. The camera can shoot in extremely dark & still capture available light detail if held still while the shutter is open.

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Re: best lens to shoot low light still life scenes with 6D camera

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Scotty nailed this one down.

The only thing I would add to his reply is get a good post editor.  Photography is 1/2 camera/lens, 1/2 editor and 1/2 you.  Not necessarily in that order. Smiley Very Happy

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