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Re: Wide Angle Zoom for Canon EOS R

@RobertTheFat wrote:

@ebiggs1 wrote:

"It's not, IMO, a substitute for a wide-angle lens."


Yes but it does show the ingenious photographer always makes it work.  That has always been one of my main most things for what makes a good photographer and a great one.  The great ones make it work.  The others always blame their gear.  I didn't have my 10mm f-super lens or my flash battery died. I didn't have my FF camera so I can't take a landscape photo, so on and so forth, etc. 

 Not saying I would not buy a UWA lens at all, I have several.

Learning to do panoramic is a fine idea. But it requires time that one doesn't always have; and simply having the right lens is a quicker and more accurate solution. My customary example involves an embarrassing day a dozen years ago when I discovered, while trying to accomplish a shoot from the roof of a building, that I absolutely needed a WA lens. I've already told that story at least once in this forum, so I'll forebear to repeat it now. Suffice it to say that ever since, I've been careful to keep myself well enough equipped that it has never happened again.

The topic is landscape photography.  I shoot with wide angle lenses all the time.   


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