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What does AA mean on a lens item code?

I'm looking for a used version of this lens:


and I'm finding many with the item code listed as 0345B002, 0345B005AA

I've seen a photo of the box and the AA actually appears like this:  0345B002(AA)


0345B002 is what's shown on the canon site but I can't find anything about what the AA means? 


Maybe 0345B005AA is non-US/gray market or something? And if it is gray market, what does that really mean? That you don't get the 1 year warranty?



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Re: What does AA mean on a lens item code?

Can't help re the AA stuff but my understanding of "grey market" is based on something I learned at a seminar (I think re electronic gear) many years ago


Manufacturers sell world wide, but the legal requirements re warranty differ in different countries.

Sale price IN the country of INTENDED sale include a percentage of estimated price to cover warranty costs.

That money  is for the regional (country of sale's) bank account.


The manufacturer DOESN'T cover the cost of goods bought in a different country than where they were sent for repair because the warranty is ONLY valid in the market area where the built in margin was "banked"


In other words grey market has no manufacturers warranty, HOWEVER places like B & H  sell sell grey market items BUT offer an in house warranty (sometimes) but that doesn't mean grey market items have ANY warranty from  the manufacturer.


SO if buying something being sold as grey market make sure it comes with some kind of warranty (in writing) that covers you're butt $ wise should it fail. Living in Canada would mean that buying something in the US that has no warranty here is an inconvenience (for me) because I'm close to the border but that still adds costs to the "return for repair" bill & major inconvenience when they want to return it to me because they won't just ship it to my house. .

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