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Renewed Canon 55-250 IS STM Chromatic Abberation?

I recently purchased a renewed Canon 55-250 IS STM from The image quality so far seems fine, but I have two questions. 

First of all, I would like to know if there is a way to determine whether it is Canon refurbished, or refurbished by a third party.

Second, while taking pictures, I noticed some chromatic aberration (although Google searches for chromatic aberration don't really seem to match what I'm seeing) on pictures taken in strong sunlight.


I was wondering if this is because the lens was renewed, or if this happens to nonrenewed versions of this lens.

Thank you,


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Re: Renewed Canon 55-250 IS STM Chromatic Abberation?

Greetings Sean,

I owned this lens "new" when I purchassd my T6s.  It was one of the included kit lenses.  CA can happen with any lens, but I do not recall it being more or less prominent with this lens.  It took great pictures in all conditions.   


If you want to guarantee Canon "refurbished", buy directly from the Canon store.  I would absolutely not trust a seller on Amazon period. 


There is no reason not to buy from Canon.  Refurbished products come with the same 1 yr warranty.  2 of my lens are refurbs.  They are awesome and looked/work like brand new out of the box. 


You might get a great deal, and could get lucky, but buying used from Amazon is like gambling. I personally wouldn't do it.


Canon Store 55-250 Refurb


Oh you can pay less somewhere else, but but I'd rather spend time taking pictures instead of worrying about the quality of my lens.

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Re: Renewed Canon 55-250 IS STM Chromatic Abberation?

"I would absolutely not trust a seller on Amazon period."


I second this.  Never, never buy photo gear on Amazon.  There are good retailer there but there are very bad ones. A new person doesn't know which is which.

There is not such thing as a "renewed" Canon lens.  Canon refurbishes lenses.  So what do you mean by renewed?  If I were you I would return it to Amazon and buy it from Canon. Then you won't have to wonder what you got.


Aberration has many forms nit just CA. Lens astigmatism is one for instance and there are more.  Return it today.

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