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RF Lens build quality?

Hi all. So I've begun my transition from the Sony ecosystem, and I have to say the RF lenses feel like toys and makes me question their durability. My GM lenses felt like they could take a hit (which they did!) whereas the RF lenses just feel very flimsy in comparison. Moreover, they feel like toys compared to their EF counterparts. To note, I have the 15-35 and 70-200. The latter feels better than the former, but I don't feel confident with either.

I worry that I have to baby them even more than I usually would my glass. Can anyone here comment on their durability?

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Re: RF Lens build quality?

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Re: RF Lens build quality?

"...I have to say the RF lenses feel like toys ... I have the 15-35 and 70-200."


You are saying this lens feels like a "toy"? RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens




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