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Purpose of SA Control for Macro?

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I've been watching the early reviews of the RF 100mm f/2.8L lens with interest, as I am greatly looking forward to having a native 1:1 (or better!) macro option on the R5.
All the demos that I have seen of the SA control feature have results where the subject becomes blurred, which is sort of the opposite of what I typically go for with macro, where I am trying to see really fine details.
Is there any benefit of SA control at all to enhance detailed macro photography? If so, what is the benefit?
Or is this feature really primarily for the people who will be using the macro lens for portraits?
My initial impression is that releasing this lens as a dedicated macro without SA could have allowed it to be a bit lighter/smaller/cheaper, which I would have preferred. But, since this feature was added to the lens, is there any benefit to it that I can look forward to for macro?





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Re: Purpose of SA Control for Macro?


Ken Rockwell says that if you don't need to go more than 1:1, you might as well get the EF 100mm macro.


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Re: Purpose of SA Control for Macro?

I can't answer your question about the SA Control for Macro since I have not used it . But I know, personally, I would wait for the R version if I already had an R camera. I see no sense in buying any new or more EF lenses. You moved to mirrorless so,  IMHO, you need to stay mirrorless.

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