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Need help with lens repair!!

Hi I'm Andy and I just want to ask around regarding lens repairing.


Recently, my uncle gave me his 17-40mm f4L lens and told me that there is a minor fungus infection in one or few of the elements inside. When I checked, there's actually 2 small vein-like fungus infection and recently, i just noticed a speck of fungus on the back of the front element as well.


With that, my question is how much would it take to repair or clean the lens to get rid of the fungus to prevent further etching?


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Re: Need help with lens repair!!

It may not even be possible but Canon will give you and estimate first.  It will likely have to be completely taken apart. Fungus is bad news.

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Re: Need help with lens repair!!

I agree with ebiggs... fungus is bad stuff and needs to be dealt with right away, or it will just get worse. Some fungus can permanently "etch" glass and lens coatings, ruining them. So the sooner you get it dealt with, the better. I'd also keep that lens away from your camera and other lenses, because fungus (fungi?) are spread by airborne spores and it could infect your other gear.


You can send the lens  to Canon Service Dept. nearest you and get a repair estimate. Or, there may be a local, independent camera repairer who can give you a quote and deal with it.  



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Re: Need help with lens repair!!

Thanks for the info!! i'll send it right away and i need to save to cover it

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