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Lens repair !

I have a 5 months old Canon 60d and a 70-300 mm. Two weeks ago while clicking a bird, i fell down on the ground. The camera did not hit the ground as it was in my hand, but a part of the lens did touch the not-so-hard ground. Some dust/dirt probably went inside and it suffered a shake. Since that day the pictures are not sharp and crisp and vibrant anymore. I am under warranty and will send the cam and the lens for repair. Will they fix it free of cost, irrespective of what might have happened ? Or will they send me a new lens if they cant fix the lens ? Pls reply. Thanks.


PS: I cleaned the lens properly after I came back home, however, was not aware of the dust blower at that time. Cleaned it with the liquid and the soft cloth but may be some dirt partciles got grinded against the lens both front and back.

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Re: Lens repair !

No, Canon isn't responsible for damages due to mistreatment.  I don't have any experience with how stringent they are, but the limited warranty doesn't require them to cover such damage.

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Re: Lens repair !

A claim on your household insurance?

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Re: Lens repair !

You may be confusing "warranty" with "insurance". Think of a new car. When you buy a car, the manufacturer provides some warranty. If, say, the air-conditioner on you car does not work, the manufacturer will fix that. If, on the other hand, you are involved in an accident and have to send the car to the body shop for repair, that would NOT be covered by warranty... that would require that you file a claim with your insurance company.

The same thing applies to your camera. Canon will take care of problems occuring within the warranty period when the failure is not the result of the camera sustaining damage. But as it took a fall... you would have to cover the cost of the repair yourself or would need to have the camera covered by some type of insurance policy.

Incidentally... home-owner's insurance *usually* only covers your gear if the damage occurred while it was on your own property (e.g. in the house or at least in your own yard). Since most of us tend to venture beyond our own back yards to shoot photos, some other type of insurance or rider is usually needed, but you would need to check with your insurance company.
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Re: Lens repair !

If you bought the camera and lens with your VISA card, that may cover it.  It is insurance.

You can't expect Canon to fix it.  It wasn't their fault.  Right?

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Re: Lens repair !



I will try to talk to Visa and see if I get some  amount  from them.


I was about to sell this lens and buy a new one but now I think I will have to spend first and then sell. 

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