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Lens compatibility

I have a Canon Rebel 2000 SLR and a Rebel XT DSLR. Can I use the same lenses for both cameras? 

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Re: Lens compatibility



All Rebels are crop sensor cameras.  All will mount crop lenses (EF-s) and also mount full frame (EF) lenses. 


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Re: Lens compatibility

Actually the key word is EOS.  That means it will make use of the current ef or ef-s lenses.  As stated the Rebel or crop sensor line can use both.  The FF line can only use ef, they won't even mount ef-s lenses.

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Re: Lens compatibility

One caveat... you cannot use the EOS "EF-M" lenses.  Those are specifically designed for Canon's "mirrorless" cameras (Canon EOS-M series camera bodies).  


But you CAN use any other Canon EOS lens with your camera.  This includes:

  • Any EF lens
  • Any EF-S lens
  • Any TS-E lens
  • The MP-E lens (there is only one)

The only EOS lenses you CANNOT use are:

  • Any EF-M lens



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