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Re: IS vs NON IS??

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"Well of course.  But that presumes:" 


 You certainly jest, my friend.  Smiley Surprised

Let me fill you in on the actual world of photography. Last year one client of mine asked for a slide show on DVD and no prints. Whether she made prints later somewhere else, I don't know. But all the rest have asked for and bought prints. That was one person in two years!


Now the matter of huge prints being the only distinction for buying top-of-the-mark lenses is simply non-sense. You effectively accomplish the same thing when you do crops. Although the actual print size may still be 8x10, or whatever, the effective crop can be much greater.


"D) that by the time you upgrade to the high-end glass something new hasn't come out that now you have to go buy"


 This is probably the best reason to buy the best you can because it will stay in the top longer. I have the first 24-70mm f2.8 and don't see enough improvement in the new one to upgrade it. So, in reality, buying this great lens back then is saving me money.


If you are satisfied with your equipment, so be it, but your ideas of smart lens buying seems to fit only you.

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