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Re: Favorite Lens?

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Original Question:

What is your favorite Canon lens to photograph with, and why?



I believe there is no simple, single answer here as this is one of those situations that "One size will NOT fit All".

Depending on situation for any photographer, one lens may become "A must to have in camera bag" lens and for me that is 100-400L. Yes its older design with no Mk II etc to update it over many years but that itself say a lot of good about the perfectness and make of the lens.

Why I like it so much:


- Clear / sharp optical Reach; I do a lot of sport and wild life photography.


- Excellent color render, similar to many other L lenses (May be not as good as 300L 2.8 by hey I have hurt my shoulder before and do feel pain in my back with the other one at mid day).


- IQ second to none.


- Handling and love for push/pull zoom that some regard it as a negative point of this lens due to spaculated dust socking nature, that in my experience is a statement without foundation or reality.


- Just the right weight for what is offered.


- Speed of autofocusing in its class (Both quality and price).


- I use it most often and its lack is a big lose felt at any situation by me.


- Its white/Beige color and lipstick color Red Ring of Glory!


To make a long story short, It fully meets my needs, most of time.  I love it and true love is unconditional... So don't ask me more question as to "Why".


Well that is my less than one cent opinion.

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Re: Favorite Lens?

And don't mess with what works and wish for an improved version, or it will cost 2x more right?  Man Happy


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Re: Favorite Lens?

My favorite lens is an old manual-focus 135/3.5 lens made by Jupiter! But I mostly use 50/1.8 which I like for its low weight.

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Re: Favorite Lens?

Even though Canon refuses to support the older lenses with things like lens profiles in DPP, my favorite lens is still the EOS 28-80mm f2.8-4L.  I don’t know why Canon decided to go in the other direction with the later generations.  I’d much prefer to have a 28-85/2.8L than the current 24-70/2.8L II.  Distortion would be less on the wide end and it would also be a better portrait lens.  I do own the 24-70/2.8L II as well as the original along with a 24-105/4L IS.  The 24-105 gets the most use of those lenses due to the inclusion of IS.  I don’t know why Canon thinks that f2.8 over f4 doesn’t require IS.  IS would have made the 24-70/2.8 II a killer lens and probably my new favorite.  As far as overall image quality goes, none of them have that “something” that the original 28-80L does.  It was special back in the film days and still a great performer with Digital SLRs…

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Re: Favorite Lens?

Without doubt and any hesitation, the 70-200mm IS f2,8 II on my 5D Mk II. I am a forty year photographer and this is the best 70-200mm I have ever used or seen. When the rubber meets the road and you gotta get the shot, this lens is golden.

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Re: Favorite Lens?

Without a shadow of doubt, the 135L. 


If only it was IS and F/1.8 like zeiss's offering, I'd want for nothing.

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Re: Favorite Lens?

85mm f1.2 sharp crisp ...... bokelious

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