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Re: EFS 18-55 Lens Questions

@srd-software wrote:

Example image was cropped (but not resized) to allow an upload of the example. 


I'll try some shots at 1/200 and 1/400 and see what I get.


OK, tried a couple of shots ISO 400, 1/200 at F16 (lighting changed from earlier). Those don't look too bad. MF shot is better than AF. 



Thanks for the suggestions!





I would have bumped up the shutter speed, instead of stopping down the aperture.  I think f/8 is probably too narrow for a shot of trees that are at least 100 feet away.


The more light that you can let into the camera, all the better.  A too narrow aperture introduces diffraction distortions.


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Re: EFS 18-55 Lens Questions

"I've got a lot of new stuff to look at now. Thanks for the help!"


OK, good, yes you do! Keep this guide in mind.

"So our general rule will be stop down one stop, keep SS at 1/100 or 1/200, ISO 200 to 400. Middle FL range (35mil in your case) will be the sharpest. Shoot Raw format.  Then in PS or the free and very good DPP4, do a lens correction. Once in the editor add a small bit of sharpening. That will be the best it gets."


PS. Faster SS isn't going to help or sharpen a shot like this.  Most things in nature do not move on their own faster than one 200th of a second. If a problem does appear move it up to 1/400, that's OK too.  And, diffraction isn't the first concern with a basic quality zoom lens like yours, f8 is totally fine. 

Happy shooting!

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