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EF 85mm 1.8(not "L")

Could I have a good review of the 85 1.8 and really how sharp this thing is and how does it compare to the L version in terms of sharpness and build quality? Thanks.

I'm an advanced amateur, am not the average point-and-shoot photographer out there, and am willing to take any critique or advice that will improve my photography.
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Re: EF 85mm 1.8(not "L")

I have owned both. The build quality on the 1.8 is very good, better than the EF 50mm 1.4, but less than the 85mm 1.2. Both lenses are very sharp. The non L has faster auto focus, the L has better bokeh and colors.



I sold both and kept the 135L

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Re: EF 85mm 1.8(not "L")

You can perform your own review by renting both lenses and decide which is best for your needs.


Don't trust anything you read in a forum.

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Re: EF 85mm 1.8(not "L")

Non L 85mm F1.8 as you say is truly a L class Canon in disguisedSmiley Happy


I have it and can't tell how good it is for sport shooting indoor or in low light or deep sky wide angle shooting.


There are few engineering problem of the lens though. Apparently there is Error 1  problem (A relatively common problem with use) and getting stock with AF due to a loose internal part that that passes the infinity and not return to normal location; the second problem is amenable to self repair. You can see them if you google. But don't let that discourage you from getting this wonderful lens. I am very satisfied with it.

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