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Re: Depth of field question

Waddizzle wrote:

FWG wrote:

Hi Waddizzle

As you were so helpful re my question just to let you know the outcome. I followed all the tests you suggested and have concluded that I am not a very good photographer as I could find nothing wrong with my camera or lens settings. It is however sometimes good to know what the problem isn't as I can now concentrate on my technique knowing that there is a perfect shot to be had!


Thanks again and Happy 2018

You may be better than you think.  It takes a good photographer to recognize their flaws.  Besides, many consumer grade lenses do not seem to focus consistently enough to bother with using AFMA, not unless they are WAY off the mark.  A lens like that would need repair, anyway.

OTOH, it's the consumer-grade lenses that are most likely to need AFMA. I've used five "L" lenses, and none of them needed it. I've always thought it a bit ironic that Canon's expensive cameras, which are less likely to need to use it, have AFMA, while Rebels, which often use cheaper, less accurate lenses, don't.


The lens that forced me to learn about AFMA was my first 17-55mm f/2.8 IS. (I later bought a second one for my wife that didn't have the problem.) It provoked one of the greatest errata of my photographic life. I had just bought my first 7D and the 17-55 to go with it and was eager to put them to use. So the next day I went into an important shoot (an award ceremony at MIT) without testing them first, only to discover that all the pictures I took with the 7D were unusably OOF. Fortunately, I was using two cameras (as I usually did at events), and the pictures from the other one were OK. But it was a very close call and an important lesson learned.

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