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Re: Canon: “No new lenses.”

"Most landscape shots are not shot a f/2.8."


Believe it or not some people use that lens for things other than landscapes. SOme people do buy a f2.8 lens to be able to use f2.8. "As you are so fond of saying, all gear has limits."  Yes, I do say that. In this case the lens has an aperture that is mostly useless.  That is not a limit. It is a design flaw,. I am not alone in this assessment.  The difference between the two of us, my friend, is you never depended on your gear to do a job or make a living.  You are a hobbyists.  Miss a shot or get a bad one and no big deal just shoot it over. The whole mindset is different.



"@ebiggs1 wrote:

It's not going to distort a blue sky or a center cropped photo for pete's sake. And, nobody buys a f2.8 lens so they can use it at  f4 or f5.6 exclusively or to crop to the center of everything."


"Get off of my case, dude.  I never start these flame wars, my argumentative friend.  I just make sure they come end in short order."


You consider this a "flame war"?  Somebody just pointing out facts? I would rather call it two 'friedns' or at least two camera buds discussing product.  You are the one that always elevates it. I'll refrain from calling you  "dude" out of mutual respect.  Try it some time, my friend.




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