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Canon 28-135 mm aperture issue

Hi everybody,


I'm new here and I'm a proud owner of a Canon 7D . I have a 28-135mm and I have a huge Issue with it. Last week my lenses suddenly stop working . The aperture (on my little screen of my 7D) keep flashing between 00 till a set aperture. 

I have no idea what to do.



Is this a problem known? 


Some people will tell me to clean my contact but they are clean. I have 4 other lenses and they work perfectly on my  Canon 7D.


Thanks for reading my post.



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Re: Canon 28-135 mm aperture issue

So I'm assuming you've taken the lens off, put another one on, then put the 28-135 back on and it still does that?


It sounds like it's not communicating with the lens.  If it's not an obvious contact issue then I don't know any other simple solutions.  It may be time to send it (the lens) in for evaluation.


Do you have another camera, or a friend with one, that you can try the lens on just to be sure?

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Re: Canon 28-135 mm aperture issue

The aperture will display "00" if no lens is attached (but on my camera it's solid -- not flashing).  I connect my camera to telescopes for astro-imaging regularly and a telescope isn't going to have auto-anything -- so it's normal for the camera to believe there is no "lens" attached (we just have to know the focal ratios of our scope and set everything else accordingly).


On your camera, it sounds like the camera doesn't even know the lens is attached -- except you mention that the "00" keeps "flashing".  If you just put the body cap on (no lens), does the "00" also flash or is it solid?


I'm trying to figure out if the camera doesn't see the lens at all... or if it sees the lens but cannot control it.


If all the other lenses work, then likely this specific lens needs service.  It may be nothing more than a loose connection inside the lens.


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Re: Canon 28-135 mm aperture issue

Thanks for reading my post. Unfortunately its not flashing 00 all the time its flashing 00 then the correct aperture, then 00 .it's doing the same on a canon 5DII and a 60D. I guess i Should send the lens to the service dudes. but as its worth 200$ ish im not sure its worth fixing it..
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