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Canon 100-400 mm serie L

Does canon make a 100-400 mm serie L lens that, does not push or pull for the distance to get the at 400 mmm?
I love my 70-200 mmm that twist distance, does 100-400 mm serie L come that too or is it just push and pull model?
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Re: Canon 100-400 mm serie L

Just in a push / pull & having been VERY SLOW to adapt to that style of zoom here's an important thing to consider about the difference. My left hand is much farther out supporting that weight when I can slide the lens in & out from where the hood mounts making me more stable. With a twist zoom that hand is closer to the body.

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Re: Canon 100-400 mm serie L

The "push/pull" Canon 100-400mm is not right or wrong. It is just different. You may like it or not. But I would suggest you try it first. I find it an easy to use lens and I use it on nearly every wedding I photograph.

The EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 L is another candidate you might consider if you don't go for the push/pull.

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