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Re: Canon 100-400 lens

"...B&H I don't have to worry about counterfeit or other product issues ..."


Or give Adorama a try. Ask for Helen Oster she will take care of you.

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Re: Canon 100-400 lens



Good point about Adorama and I have used them several times recently.  I have some Hensel studio flash gear and Adorama keeps far more of their accessories in stock than B&H and I have had great service from Adorama also. 


But for big purchases I will stay with B&H because of their deal with a local bank where the equipment price is effectively discounted equal to the sales tax rate IF you use that bank card to pay for the order.  But it is imperative to pay the card balance immediately because of the ridiculously high interest rate that allows the bank to absorb the cost, apparently enough people don't pay it off so it is worthwhile for the bank to continue this arrangement.  For big L series glass and camera bodies it is a significant savings and well worth the paperwork hassle.



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Re: Canon 100-400 lens

This happened to me too on the Smugmug site a while back when I had the original version of this lens, but seems to be corrected now, at least with the few pics I just checked.  But this never worried me; I always attributed it to the site, which I am sure is the case.  There is NO doubt that my lens (or yours most certainly) is the Canon lens.


The Smugmug people are EXTREMELY responsive to questions, even on weekends in my experience.  I suspect that any concerns you have will be alleviated by reaching out to them via email.  But wait by your computer for a response!



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