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Re: Can´t remove UV filter from lens

Yeah, the lens doesn’t focus and when twisting the lens it doesn’t move.
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Re: Can´t remove UV filter from lens

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@HDCamTeam wrote:

@Sami wrote:
My problem was a brand new lens and a brand new filter. Screwing and unscrewing it few times made it less tight.

But good tips with the rubber surface and filter wrenches. Maybe I should invest in some wrenches.

I personally experienced similar problems, fortunately never had the filter completely stuck.


But since then I do this: put the filter over the lens thread and rotate the filter a bit in the oposite direction until it completely [links removed per forum guidelines]

"fits" on the lens thread, then rotate the filter in the right direction, trying to never overtighten it.


As stated many times out there, the filter is the final step to "weather seal" a "L" lens, so it's extremely important indeed. And of course you protect the front element.


We use to carry two kind of protection UV filters: one multicoated (expensive) and another without coating (cheap). The reason is because the multicoated filters are usually hard to clean, but deliver better image with less internal reflections (especially noticeable at night scenes with light spots on the frame, etc). But when we shoot in a situation we already know the filter will get durty, then we use the cheap filter (easier to clean, but still protects the lens).


Hope you can get your filter removed!



if I go to a place where there is a risk of getting the lens dirty and/or scratched. Before I had it on all the time, except when there were bright light sources in the picture.

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Re: Can´t remove UV filter from lens

Try wrapping the lens with duct tape with towel and turn it forcefully, try to not extend the lens. Remove the lens from the body before trying it. It worked for me. I tried using a plier but it badly damages the uv filter making it impossible to remove it with bare hands. I tried alll possible method that I found online but it failed, instead ended up having a saw stabbing my index finger.There was a duct tape on my table so I tried using it before giving it to the repair store and it worked like a charm. 

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