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Re: Best upgrade

Going through my darkroom stuff yesterday and found this old filter. It was used on an FD lens way back. But it shows that even you old dogs can learn new tricks. Smiley Happy

I was on a shoot with several small children. The F1n was sitting on the ground for safe keeping around children because that is where they usually wind up.

One kid accidentally knocked a can of Coke over and it hit the camera which fell over. This filter hit the concrete. If it hadn't had the filter, which was common practice back then, the front of the lens would have struck the concrete.

But wait, there is more, this is not the end of the tale. The Coke splashed onto the lens too.

But since I had a 'protective' filter on, I didn't get the sticky goo on my lens.  Take heed and learn.





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Re: Best upgrade

Ewww. Ugly thumb shot.Smiley Tongue

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Re: Best upgrade

 I figured for what little they cost the UV filters would be cheap insurance if nothing else.

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Re: Best upgrade

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@Vetteran wrote:

The polarizer will protect the lens if you think that you want some minor protection. 

Sure, a polarizer will protect the lens, same as a UV filter, but at what cost?  1 - 3 stops of light for your typical polarizers.  It's a cost I'm willing to pay when the effects of a polarizer are going to be helpful, but I'm not going to leave it on my lens when it offers no benefit.


It's funny that you are so adamant against a UV filter that cuts around 8% of light passing through it, but you suggest leaving on a filter that can steal up to 85% add a color cast, and potentially affect sharpness?

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