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Auto Focus 70 to 200

My auto focus isn’t working and have tried everything with no luck. Can anyone tell me where I can find the address to send a lens in? Do you know if they give you a free estimate on the repair? I don’t want to get hit with a $600 repair bill. Also has anyone ever had their 70-200 cleaned by Canon? My glass has some dust inside and it drives me crazy even tho it doesn’t effect the photos.Im new to have to send a lens in so I don’t know what they do when they clean it. Do they go through the entire lens or just clean the glass? Does anyone know what they charge to just clean the lens?
Thank You in advance.
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Re: Auto Focus 70 to 200

They will not clean the lens on the inside. It is not worth it. If you are from the USA, go to the Canon USA website/support and fill out the form, they will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to look at it.

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Re: Auto Focus 70 to 200


Please advise us and the Canon forum at large the exact model lens you are inquiring about.  Please specify if you have the version I or II, the Image Stabilized or USM version.  

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Re: Auto Focus 70 to 200

Canon recommends "...  periodically having your gear cleaned and checked by a Canon Factory Service Technician. Best of all, if during the CMS we find something that requires more than just a cleaning to correct, we will contact you with a description of the problem and what we recommend to do to fix it."


Call Canon 1 (800) 652-2666

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