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Are lenses changing overtime?

I'm sure that sounds like an obvious answer but have lenses changed overtime? I puchased a Rebel T3 bundle 9 years ago. If I buy the newest Rebel today, sould the lens kit be the same? Or have they changed?

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Re: Are lenses changing overtime?

They have changed.  Sometimes they even have a designation like Mk II or Mk III in their name or, USM, or STM.

Perhaps the add features like IS.

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Re: Are lenses changing overtime?

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What lens came with your T3?


If you bought your EOS 1100D/T3 in 2011 bundled with the cheapest kit lens, you would have received the EF-S 18-55 III which has no Image Stabilization.



This very same lens is still being sold as the lowest cost option with today's entry level EOS 4000D/ T7, so depending on which lens you have have, NOTHING has changed. 




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Re: Are lenses changing overtime?

All of the Canon "STM" lenses are pretty good.  They focus quickly, quietly, and are all pretty sharp.  You see "STM" at the very  end of some lens model numbers.  It refers to Stepping Motor style auto focus motors.


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Re: Are lenses changing overtime?

Depending on the camera they also offer the 18-135 as a kit lens, a much better lens
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