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Re: Another 150-600mm Thread

I think you'll be very happy with it, I love mine and it's a breeze to use and takes great images....
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Re: Another 150-600mm Thread

OK the hard part is over and now the fun begins.  Learn your new lens and make it your new friend.  Remember all that power and FL is going to have a learning curve.  Don't leave us and do show some photos.  Soon.........................

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Re: Another 150-600mm Thread

Thanks both of you.  I sure will.  Going to "cheat" a little and watch some BIF videos on youtube, then head to the beach (mile away) from my house and shoot some seagulls as first test subjects.  The beach also abutts a golfcourse with a big pond so maybe I'll see some herrings as well.  We have marshy estuaries too, but I have to drive a little bit for those,  Also have good ponds with ducks, geese and water fowl in golden gate park.  Lens coming across the country, so will be good 6 days before its in my hands.

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Re: Another 150-600mm Thread

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Start big and work to the smaller birds.  It'll boost your confidence.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV, along with, a lot of other stuff.
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Re: Another 150-600mm Thread


Finally made up my mind.  I'm going to do the SigmaC with TC1401 for extra reach. 


Wadizzle, your mention of the complete AF re-write. 


Ernie, I'm going with your UV filter recommendation. 


Thanks guys for the insight, recommendations and great help.

You are welcome.  The Sigma C is still not as good as my. EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM, which focuses faster than lightning.  But, it is great to use when you want some extra reach.  Like Ernie said, there is a learning curve, actually two, IMHO.  One, is getting used to using a super telephoto lens.  Two, is getting used to the particular lens you are using.  Super telephoto lenses have different focusing and image stabilization modes.  They can either help you, or hurt you.

I think Ernie recommended the B+W Clear Nano filter, not a UV.  I do not recommend a UV with this lens, even if you are around water.  I never really got vivid colors until after I ditched the UV for a Clear Nano filter.  My 100-400mm really doesn’t like UV filters.  Now I use claer filters on all of my lenses.  Besides, the camera body has UV filter built into the image sensor assembly, so you really do not need one.


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