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Re: 55-250 IS STM Opinions Please

@GenXRailmedia wrote:

There are some good responses here.  Had I realized 4-5 years ago just how good an L really is, I would have just bought one of them in the first place.  I've been shooting with a DSLR since 2007 and learn more with every passing year.  Knowing what I know now, I would have just broke down and bought it.  Then again, if money were no object, we wouldn't even be having this discussion, and I would just buy the 4L (with IS) AND the 250. 


 As far as sports shooting, I should have mentioned that sports wasn't the only thing I would be using a superzoom for.  I actually shoot trains and landscapes far more and really miss having IS for some of those types of shoots.  I shoot my daughter's tennis and soccer when in season and the ring USM on the 70-210 is pretty darn fast, especially since I switched to back button focus.  


I guess for the winter when I don't shoot much, I'll make do with the 70-210 and when tax time rolls around, I'll finally get smart and get the L.  


Nice shots with the 250, TTMartin, and thank you all for your opinions.



Yes, those are some nice shots he took.  Aren't they?  A 1-2 stop change in shutter speed, and he could have captured very different looking photos in regard to the motion blur. 


I like the idea that you have given it some thought, and will wait a while before you make a lens purchase.  It is always best not to rush into a big decision, even when we think we are not rushing into it, because those are the times when we are rushing into something.  I have one question that's been nagging at me, though.  You said this in your original post.


" I'm thinking it would nicely compliment my new 650D, have slightly more reach and better be supported than my current dinosaur 70-210 3.5-4.5 USM.  "


Did you actually buy a "new 650D" camera?  While it is possible that a vendor had a new one on a shelf somewhere, that camera was discontinued quite a whle ago.  It's been superseded by at least two newer models.


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Re: 55-250 IS STM Opinions Please

Waddizzle, when I said "new" I didn't specifically mean brand new.  I found one that was very lightly used (200 shutter count, in original box) in like brand-new condition.  I shudder to think what the shutter count is on my old 400D, and my daughter wanted to start learning DSLR photography so I gave it to her.  


To someone like me who is perpetually behind the times (5 year-old laptop, 3 year old cell phone, 4 year-old camera, 12 year-old automobile, etc) 4 years is pretty new!  Smiley Happy  

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Re: 55-250 IS STM Opinions Please

"I'll finally get smart and get the L."


Sounds like a plan!  Smiley Happy  Go for it.

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