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24-105mm Switches not working

Okay, so I'm not enterily sure when this appened but a while back ago I noticed my lens wouldnt allow me to stay in Manual focus, which makes time lapse immposible unless overridden in camera. I also noticed that the IS function is no longer working which really sucks considering my hands do quite a bit of shaking. I know this is a long shot but Is there anyway to override the IS function in the camer to the lens with the 5D MK II? I've tried cleaning the gold plates didn't work and would like to use this lens this weekend.


Thanks for your time =)



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Re: 24-105mm Switches not working

"Is there anyway to override the IS function in the camer to the lens with the 5D MK II?"




But I really don't understand the rest of your question.  Are you saying the AF and the IS stopped working?

If, yes, it sounds like a trip to Canon Service is required.

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Re: 24-105mm Switches not working

I'm sorry I didn't clarify my question well enough. The Auto Focus works. When I switch the lens to allow me to manuely focus it will continue to Auto Focus. So, I believe the switches on the lens are not working. However you have answered my question so thank you Smiley Happy 

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Re: 24-105mm Switches not working

Hi David,


Cleaning the contacts on the rear of the lens was a good idea. Often that can help. Not sure how you cleaned it, I recommend carefully wiping them with a clean, lint free rag slightly dampened with a few drops of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Keep off the lens optics, of course.


Also check that the corresponding pins just inside the front of the camera are okay. Those are spring loaded and if you put slight pressure on them should give a little, then spring back into place. On rare occasion one or more of those might get stuck and no longer make good contact.


Operate the switches on the lens a dozen or two dozen times, and see if that helps. Most switches are self-cleaning. If left in one position for a long time, oxidization might gradually build up in them and eventually cause connectivity problems. But simply using them a few times this often will clear up and they'll work again.


Otherwise, it's possibly a failed ribbon cable or connector inside the lens, which will mean a trip to the service dept. for repair.  It also could be a fault of some sort in the camera, though I think from your description that's less likely. If you could test the lens on another camera, and the camera with a different lens, you might be able to narrow it down to one or the other.


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Re: 24-105mm Switches not working

Hey Alan,


Thanks for the feed back and I've been pretty postive it's some failed cable or connection inside the lens but very reluctent to send it off for repair to be honest. I know the malfuction is in the lens because I don't have these issues with any other lenses I connect to my camera. I've also hooked my 24-105 to other cameras and it still fails.

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