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17-40 mm Still Ok?

Looking to purchase the 17-40mm lens and was wondering if this lens is still ok even to age?  I certainly don't want to pay double the price if I don't need. 


Secondary question....When using this for primarly landscapes, how can I proctect water, dust and other elements when in the field with my 5D III?  This would be my first weather sealed lens so I am a bit new to this.


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Re: 17-40 mm Still Ok?

I bought a EF 17-40 F4 back in 2005 and although it isn't one of my most often used lens I have been happy with the image quality.  If you think you may need the extra stop, then the 16--35 F2.8 might be worth the extra cost to you but for what I needed that wasn't a major consideration.


To complete the weather sealing, this lens needs a clear, UV, or other filter screwed into the front.  If you buy a used one, make sure that the sealing gasket is in good shape.


I shoot sports with 1 series bodies with several different L series telephoto primes and zoom lens and although this combination is rated for pretty nasty weather I still use the Canon combined body and lens raincoat if there is more than a mist/drizzle.



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Re: 17-40 mm Still Ok?

The ef 14-40mm f4 L is as good today as it ever was.  I was completely happy with mine. I fell for the new ef 16-35mm f2.8 L and wish I had the 17-40 back. If you want the best lens in this category look at the Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8.


" can I proctect water, dust and other elements..."


In a word, you can't, or wait that was two words! You can have some satifiction knowing that a little water splashed on the lens and camera is probably OK.  Wet is not.  A few rain drops OK, dump a water cooler on it, NO. I don't remember if the 17-40mm needs a front filter to fully protect it or not. Some but not all Canon lenses do.If it does get a B+W protecto.  The 5 series is not as fully weather sealed as the more pro level 1 series.



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