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Using Disc Tray J to print PVC ID Cards

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If you are having issues printing PVC ID cards in Disc Tray J here is one very important step that Canon "help support" failed to tell me and that was to change the Media Type to Printable disc (others).  They told me to check my paper size and make sure it was on Disc Tray J, and the paper source.  The paper source defaulted to cassette and didn't give any options to change it.  Once I change the Media Type it all fell in place.  I discovered this on my own minutes before throwing it out the window.  Brainstorm ID ([link removed per forum guidelines]) has a perfect template for Microsoft Word (plus other formats) to make ID cards if you don't already have one.  Many articles I read wanted me to use Photoshop stating the ID cards worked best when formated as a "photo".  I made mine in Word (as a template) and it looks great.

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Re: Using Disc Tray J to print PVC ID Cards

Ok, So if you're totally frustrated and fuming like I was at repeatedly wasting all your Inkjet PVC cards, let me tell you what I found works for me. You're gonna need to enter these settings in manually. I have tried all the templates and none of them worked without entering in these settings. The **bleep** templates made the printer print an ID card across both cards, then on one half way across and it was such a mess.


Now This is the settings for the right hand side card It will show reversed in the preview but it's for the right card. In the printer dialog box, change the settings that are there by default to these.


Canon J Tray template settings.jpg


Layout: Portrait

Position and Size: Uncheck Center Box

Top: 2.847 Left: 0

Scale: 100% Height: 3.624 Width: 2.375

Scale to Fit Media: Uncheck Box Print Resolution 600PPI


Now try to print again and smile! Hope this helps someone on the search for the right settings.




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