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Scanner PDF problem

Hi all, 


I`ve read the how to post a message but still didnt see anywhere to post about a scanner problem.

I hope and presume someone will put me in the right direction.

Sorry for any ingorance on my part.


My problem is this.

I have a Canon lide 220 scanner set up on a windows 10 desktop computer and it keeps scanning a document in pdf format and I want it in jpeg format.

I`ve gone into settings and messed about with them but still no joy.


I am presuming the scanner is automatically recognising and scanning as if its a pdf file, but is there a way to stop it doing so, or am I not getting it.


Many thanks for any assistance.



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Re: Scanner PDF problem

[ Edited ]

Output options allows the following:  JPEG/Exif, TIFF, PNG, PDF, or PDF (Multiple Pages)..  


See page 118 of your manual



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Re: Scanner PDF problem

Thanks Shadowsports, 


I agree that the scanner is old and I would be best to upgrade, the trouble is the dam thing just wont break down, I also have a Pixma 2600 Printer and that too just keeps going, couple that with a 9000 pro A3 printer and again they just keep working and I am loath to replace them till they stop working.


Perhaps Canon should build them with a limited life.


Having said that I have recently been thinking of just biting the bulit and replacing all 3 with a more up to date all in one printer, scanner and copier, but which one to go for is the problem.


I will have to trawl the internet and see which one fits my needs.


Many thanks for your advice and help.



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