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How to make 4800 dpi Scans and store them as TIFF with LIDE 400

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Hello, I've just bought a LIDE 400, to create uncompressed scans with a high resolution.


According to the datasheet it has got an optical resolution of 4800 x 4800 dpi, which suits my needs and in the web manual I've read it can output scans as TIFF, which is the file format I prefer for further image processing. However upon installing the scanner, I've noticed the provided default software doesn't allow for the scans I desire (or hopefully it only seem like that to me).


While I've been able to select TIFF as an output format in the Canon IJ Scan Utility, the maximum resolution is restricted to 600 dpi for some reason. The other software that's installed in the default installation is ScanGear. Here I've found an option to  set the resolution to 4800 dpi, but I can't find an option to change the output file format from JPEG to TIFF and I really don't want to create high resolution scans just to marvel at compression errors.


So, is there a way to squeeze 4800 dpi TIFFs out of a LIDE 400 or shall I send it back? In the former case I'd preferably like to make use of the 5 scan buttons which are in front of the scanner. They are customizeable in the Cannon IJ Scan Utility, but my needs are outside the selectable scope of that program.


Ideally I'd like set 3 of those buttons to do the following


1.) A 150 dpi full plate Scan (with slightly cropped  edges) saved as TIFF

2.) A 1200 dpi full plate Scan (with slightly cropped  edges) saved as TIFF.

3.) A 4800 dpi half plate Scan (with slightly cropped  edges) saved as TIFF.


I've searched for a config file in the folder where IJ Scan Utility utility installation and %appdata% folder, but all files which looked suspicious to me have been stored in some binary format. Have you guys got any solutions to my problem or at least a work around?


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Re: How to make 4800 dpi Scans and store them as TIFF with LIDE 400

I've finally stumbled upon the option to set the ScanGear output format to TIFF. It's not to be found in in the ScanGear scan configuration menus. It's not to be found in the ScanGear Preferences Menu either. That option is hidden in the IJ Scan Utility Menu under the "set preferences for scans that are started from this computer" tab. Now that's a semi-sensible GUI-design choice. A text file is more user friendly than this mess unfortunately Canon seems to have decided against storing configuration settings as plain text files. Be that as it may, after an unecessarily rough start the LiDE 400 now can do what I've bought it for. Hence I'll keep it. Still, it'd be nice to get the buttons to work the way I like. Has anyone got an idea where and how that data is stored?
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