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What 's your favorite thing to shoot and why?

Rising Star

Curious to know if you are a pro or not, what's your favorite thing/item to shoot and why?

Weddings, buildings, food, sports, wildlife, etc?





Don't know if the "real" pros would consider me a pro, but I do get paid for taking pictures (occasionally). I really enjoy taking pictures of just about anything in the "Western" U.S.".  However, if we're talking about job related images that I'm paid to take I'll be more specific. I work for a local contractor (home builder) recording all phases of the home under construction; empty land to home owner move in. My favorite of all phases is the "setting roof trusses". The trusses have been delivered onto the site, the crew is gathered, the crane comes down the road, 20 minutes to set up, and everyone goes to work. I can see the naked structure turn into a house, right there in front of me! It's exciting, and I've been working with this same builder for 10 years now and he knows I'm saftey conscience and gives me free access to the site. It's a cool gig! 


Decades ago I used to travel a lot, a whole lot.  I began taking a camera along to record the sights.  I began taking pictures of landscapes and cityscapes, and some outdoor family events.  The camera came in handy on fishing trips, too.  I had proof!


I used a 35mm film camera, until the disposables at the drug store where more economical.  I rediscovered cameras at the suggestion of doctors as a way to walk around and get exercise, in order to recover from serious surgeries.  I still cannot do serious power walks, but the doctors like my idea that I can walk, point and shoot, and repeat several times. 


Now my walks have evolved into carrying a chair and a tripod, and staking out the critters.  It reminds me of fishing.. My first love is photographing what I think of as "stone stuff", like stone buildings and carvings.  I love churches and houses of worship  Last summer I made a bucket list of stuff to photograph.  The list was mostly sets of things, like lighthouses and bridges.



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I'm not a pro but have been paid for hundreds of my photos either as part of an insurance appraisal of a collector car or as part of a magazine article. My favorite subjects are aviation (military or aerobatics) & model aviation plus underwater while diving. I volunteer my services to the local R/C clubs by shooting their major fun fly events which helps them show sponsors how an event went & to entice potential sponsors to get on board. Over the years my albums have paid off in both of those departments & that in turn draws more pilots. I also donate my services to the non profit organization that is the sanctioning body here in Canada for all forms of model aircraft that can be flown, whether using radio control or free flight etc. Some of my R/C event photos do make it to the commercial magazines out there, but the majority go on line for free viewing. I do also build & fly R/C & have been in & out of the flying model hobby a few times over the years since joining my first club in 1959. 

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"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

That's really cool.

Very nice pictures.

I never thought of contacting a RC club with radio controlled vehicles/planes/boats?? Great idea....

It's nice that you volunteer your time.

I am thinking of doing the same thing, so I can practice and get better.

I would in turn email them my pictures so they can use them as they see fit.

It's also nice that you get paid something as well........

Assuming you're in the US (i'm not) this may help with local clubs / events. Model aircraft is a challenge & will really help you perfect panning.


Also if you want some advice about settings to start from & a few pointers download the May issue of Model Aviation Canada here. Pages 28-31 will get you started.


"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Thank you.

I'm reading the article now!


I have a photography company, but that's not my main work.


I like to take pictures of fires/firefighters and ww2 bunkers.





Interesting ideas.  There was/is a guy on a British forum I read  who volunteered to photograph dogs for a dog shelter's website to help dogs get adopted. Instead of a sad crummy cell phone snap, he really did a nice portrait, and he got to practice lighting, etc.   I really thought that was a neat idea.


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